We now have three Home Groups that meet during the week.

The groups offer a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better and share our story and experiences.

If you are interested in joining a Home Group or would just like a little more information, get in touch with Rev Louise and she would be delighted to have a chat and introduce you to a group.

Pat Walker is a member of one of the groups that have been looking at Rowan Williams’ book ‘Being Disciples’, and she has kindly offered her reflections on her experience of belonging to a Home Group.

She writes…


“Over the past 6 – 8 weeks a small group of us have met at each other’s homes to explore more about “Being Disciples”. With the help of Rowan Williams, the author of the little book, we have been able to explore in more detail the challenges of being a Christian in today’s complex world.

We were a very diverse group who hardly knew each other when we started this particular journey, but by listening, respecting and encouraging each other, friendship has been nurtured and although studying this book has sometimes been a struggle, it has been mostly informative and fun!  The experience has enabled us to learn from each other, so before you say “home groups are not for me”  I would recommend you give one a try.”

All Home Groups will resume after Lent.

Watch this space for information.