Thanks to Mr Mike Bache for July’s contribution

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and at our house the whole family came round to enjoy a family tea together.   Of course, it meant planning and shopping, and perhaps spending a little bit more than we would otherwise have done.  

But the benefits were well worth it, to have everyone here, and be able to share what we had with everyone in the family.     

Do you remember the old advertising slogan “Quality Street – made for sharing?”  It had a point didn’t it.   Because, like most pleasures, a box of chocolates is indeed all the better for being shared.   To enjoy something on one’s own simply doesn’t bring the same sense of satisfaction.   It somehow feels more like indulgence, selfishness or greed.   

In much the same way as a problem shared is a problem halved, so a pleasure shared brings double the happiness.    It’s not just true of chocolates but of most things, in fact of people in general, we are all made for sharing.

Receiving may bring happiness, but giving brings a far greater joy. A jealously guarded possession sees to loose its lustre yet one that is open for others to enjoy finds it sparkle polished each day.  

Generosity of spirit though is a rare quality that doesn’t come natural, to many of us, yet it is one of the most precious gifts we can ever have.

Learn to let go of what you have, to share from your little or your plenty and you will discover what enrichment really means.  

Proverbs 11 v 25 says

A generous person will find enrichment and the one who brings refreshment to others will be refreshed in turn.”

You have heard of the old saying “It is better to give then receive”.   Not only of material things but also of spiritual things.  I thoroughly recommend it.

Mike Bache