For The Benefice of St Giles, Balderton, All Saints, Barnby in the Willows & All Saints, Coddington


The churchyard around St Giles, Balderton is closed and cared for by Balderton Parish Council. No further interments are permitted other than deposit of ashes.

The churchyard around All Saints, Barnby In The Willows is open and cared for by The Parochial Church Council (PCC).

The churchyard around All Saints, Coddington is open and cared for by The Parochial Church Council (PCC).

All maintenance of and changes within each churchyard is subject to Diocesan Faculty Regulations and faculty applications are liable for fees.

It should be noted that fees paid at the time of burial do not cover any maintenance of the churchyard nor grant any rights of ownership of any plot.

The PCC cannot be responsible for maintaining memorials in the churchyard other than those that are specifically documented in any formal listing by English Heritage.

Checks are carried out from time to time to ensure that memorials have not become hazardous. If it appears that a memorial is in a dangerous condition, the PCC or Balderton Parish Council in the case of St Giles, may decide that it should be laid on the ground in order to avoid accidents. Naturally, families would wish for the graves they look after to be kept in a neat and tidy condition but this should be done in accordance with the General Rules which follow.

The Church Wardens take decisions within this policy on the management of the churchyards with the authority of their respective PCCs.

Church Wardens:

All Saints, Coddington:   Ms Sue Lovell –

All Saints, Barnby:           Mrs Yvette Wellard –

St Giles, Balderton:         Mr Ian Lawrence –

Vicar:                               Revd Louise Holliday –

Parish Administrator:      Mrs Louise Marshall –

General Rules

1.   ALL flower pots and vases etc. are to be placed on the headstone plinths or in the grave surround and not on the grass to facilitate mowing. This ruling may be relaxed
during the Christmas period.

2. Except where the design of a headstone includes an integral container for plants or cut flowers, flowers may only be placed in a removable container. This should not
be made of glass or similar breakable material.

3.    It should be noted that additional free-standing features such as toys, pictures, mementoes, etc., are not allowed.

4.    Wreaths and cut flowers may be placed in approved containers or laid on any grave but must be removed as soon as they appear to be withered or dead.

5.    Wreaths placed at Christmas should be removed within two months along with any stakes used as anchors.

6.    The Churchwardens reserve the right at any time to remove and dispose of any item in the interests of safety.

7.    The Churchwardens reserve the right at their discretion at any time to remove and dispose of any artificial flowers, cut flowers or wreaths placed in the churchyard if it is
considered that they have deteriorated and/or are unsightly.

8.    The planting of bulbs or flowers etc is not permitted anywhere in the churchyard without prior approval by the PCC and notified via the Churchwardens.

9.    The mowing and strimming of the Churchyard will take place throughout the spring/summer/autumn months, weather permitting.

10. Certain areas may be left for a short while to allow the natural die-back of spring bulbs.

11. Some designated areas may be left un-mown for several months to encourage the growth of wildflowers and to support wildlife. Mown lanes will be left to allow
reasonable access to graves.

12. No trees or shrubs may be planted without the agreement of the PCC.

13. As the churchyards are in their respective local conservation areas, any work on mature trees will only be undertaken with the consent of the district council’s
conservation officer.

14. All concerns should be made to the Churchwardens.