200 Club Draw results for 2020.
Draws for the 200 Club were carried out at three PCC meetings as follows:

January 2020

1st –  £55.30 – No. 34 held by Madeleine Gibson
2nd – £23.70 – No. 75 held by Gillian Walker
£79.00 raised for Community Hall Development

February 2020

1st –  £54.60 – No. 68 held by John Dodd
2nd – £23.40 – No. 63 held by Michael Wilson
£78.00 raised for Community Hall Development

March 2020

1st –  £53.20 – No. 32 held by Stanley Wilkinson
2nd – £22.80 – No. 99 held by Lynn Hobbs
£76.00 raised for Community Hall Development

Well done and thank-you to all who subscribe for helping to raise funds for the Community Hall Development

April 2020

In the absence of a meeting of the PCC or an alternative gathering of representatives of the parish, several members of the PCC came together online using Zoom on 18th April.

As well as bringing each other up to date with other parish matters, we took the opportunity to carry out the draw for the 200 Club to raise funds for future improvements to the Community Hall.

First Prize of £52.50 went to number 42 held by Colin Reed and second prize of £22.50 went to number 30 held by Beryl Reed.  I am sure you will join me in congratulating them; the joint win will lift their spirits as they struggle with their own health problems in these difficult times.

£75.00 was raised for the Community Hall improvement fund.

Please subscribe

Although, you will not see me during lockdown, you can still take the opportunity to participate in the 200 Club.  Each number you subscribe to costs £2 a month (£24 per year) and all paid-up numbers are entered in a monthly draw.  Half the monthly subscriptions go towards the Community Hall redevelopment fund, the other half is split – 70% to the first number drawn and 30% to the second number drawn.

Just contact me by email or post and I will send you the application/renewal forms.  You can pay by cheque or, preferably by bank standing order; the details are on the application forms.

Ian Lawrence
6 Collinson Lane, Fernwood, NG24 3GJ
01636 605226