Rev Louise Holliday
Revd Louise Holliday

My name is Louise and I am the Vicar of St Giles, Balderton, All Saints, Barnby in the Willows & All Saints, Coddington.

I continue to be deeply moved and encouraged as I meet with people and hear stories of what God has done and is doing in their lives and it is great to take part in so many occasions when the church and the community come together.

As we engage with our diocesan vision of Growing Disciples Wider Younger Deeper and continue to reflect on our journey so far.  I look forward to all that God has in store for our communities as we serve him and share in his mission here. In the coming months we will together discover more of the love of Jesus as we grow in our own dis

cipleship and invite others to join us.

If you would like to find out more about what is going on in our churches, if you have questions about the Christian faith or would just like to chat then please get in touch. Revd Louise Holliday

From the Vicarage:  December 2018

From Revd Louise…


Signs Of Love.
My friend’s cat used to bring home gifts….worms, butterflies, birds, mice, the odd bat.     Like the gifts we will receive at Christmas these gifts were signs of LOVE.   One gift I received when I was first ordained was a copy of a book called The Greatest Thing In The World by Henry Drummond. It was about chapter 13 of St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, often referred to as Pauls’ hymn of love. The same book is sent to every new minister in the Church of England by someone who is desperately keen that ministers, and all other Christians, should have love at the centre of our lives.

Missing The Mark.
In many churches we talk a lot about faith, giving, being obedient, but if any of these are at the centre of our Christian life then we have missed the mark.  St. Paul says – Get Love.   He wrote this to a church that had become rich in every way but had forgotten how to love in the way Jesus had shown them and, without love, Christian life is nothing.   One of the tragedies of church life in this country over the past 75 years is how many West Indian Christians from the Windrush generation who flocked to England after the war were cold shouldered by the traditional churches and eventually formed yet more separate denominations.

Holding Up The Mirror.
1 Corinthians 13 is a mirror in which every local church should look to examine itself.    When Paul writes Love is, substitute the words Jesus is, then we are, and then I am.   Verse 4 would then read I am kind, I am patient, I do not envy, I am not proud etc.    This description of practical love is what I would love to see develop in our BBC churches (Balderton, Barnby, Coddington).

One of the main reasons why Jesus came to earth at the first Christmas was to give us all a chance to see what God intended us to be and how we can best live.  Why not come along to any (or all!!!) of our churches over the seasons of Advent and Christmas and check out how we are doing?   It was said of Henry Drummond, the author of The Greatest Thing In The World, that his life demonstrated that being a Christian is the perfectly natural way to live.  Not a bad aim for each of us to aspire to, from the youngest to the oldest –


Happy Advent and Christmas.

With love and prayers,  Louise Holliday