We did start the New Year 2024 with glorious sunshine but before and after we have had more than our fair share of rain. Currently the Allotment is partially submerged in water but all is looking good for the start of our gardening year.

We hope you like our new logo which was put together after a few deliberations and it came to fruition after Louise Marshall added her magic technical touches. Thank you to all.

The Friends of Balderton Lake kindly submitted a bid on our behalf for new equipment to Newark and Sherwood District Council. They were successful and as a result this wonderful equipment was delivered to us in September. Can’t wait to start using it.

A huge thank you from St. Giles’ Community Gardening Group.

Our season of growing, planting and reaping is now coming to and end. The Community Garden is still lush and full of your plants and flowers but will slowly be winterised. If you have any daffodil bulbs that you would like planting into our raised beds please let me know. We have also ordered another bench for the garden which like the first, will give us added storage and extra seating for people. Jo and Joan have also made it possible for the plants to grow due to their watering of the garden during the summer weeks. 

Plot 10 has been hard work but has yielded produce that has raised a lot of money through the generosity of your donations. We have had a weekly stall through the summer outside St. Giles’ Community Hall on a Tuesday morning and St. Giles’s Church on a Sunday morning. A total sum of £122.31 has now been donated to Newark Foodbank. Elaine, Richard and myself would like to thank all those who supported Plot 10 via donations, hard work and being part of our WhatsApp group. The Balderton Horticultural Hub have also been wonderful in their continued advice and guidance.

The Allotment has also seen a lot of activity and despite the early lack of water the beans, tomatoes and flowers have been wonderful. It’s lovely on a Friday afternoon to meet up and after working on the land have a nice cuppa and a chat. There is no way this could be done without the ongoing input from Kath, Jane, Penny, Richard, Annie and Alan. We also have a lot of people that are on the WhatsApp Allotment Gardening Group who donate plants and give us help and advice. Thank you.

The weather has now turned and let’s hope next year brings us even more joy and happiness. If you would like to join us please do not hesitate to contact me.


Plot 10 is our latest venture in conjunction with the Horticultural Hub at the Horticultural Unit, Main Street, Balderton. We are also working with Friends of Balderton Community Hub, and the rest of the Community to put a team together from all over Balderton (which has a population in excess of 10,000 people). We need your help and input to get this off the ground with the added benefit of being able to work alongside others. If you are interested please contact us. Anything that we grow on Plot 10 will be shared with those who need it in our Community. An hour of your time per week would be all we would ask for.  If you could give us more of your time then that would be a bonus.

Working outdoors is highly beneficial to our health and well being. Work can be done individually, in pairs or a group situation. Friendships develop and grow too.  

Be brave and take the first step. You will not regret it.

Lynn Green and Richard Hussey on behalf of St. Giles’ Community Gardening Group

01636 700445 Lynn Green

Our Gardening Team have been offered another piece of land which is a great opportunity for community outreach.

Do you want to get involved ?   

If so please get in touch with Lynn Green.

Lynn Green
01636 700445


A huge thank you to our small band of volunteers who have worked hard over the last few months to produce a lovely garden and grow rather delicious produce on the allotment. We would love to expand but can only do this if we had more volunteers. Would you be interested in finding out more? It’s great fun.

Also if anyone had a couple of decent garden chairs, or a bench or a sun umbrella stand that is in the way, would you consider donating them to our Gardening Group? We would love to hear from you.

Update: 29th June 2022
A huge thank you for your wonderful donations for which we are so grateful. The latest donation has been chairs and a table for the Community Garden. Looks like it should be in Vogue! Our thanks to John and Joan at the The School House for their kindness and generosity.

Everything is growing well and we have had a water hose installed at the Community Hall to make the regular watering so much easier. If anyone could help us to water over the next few weeks we would be so so grateful. Come along and see what we are doing at anytime. Now our next task is  to source storage for outdoors and display shelves for our produce to share with everyone. Isn’t it wonderful!

Update: 27th April 2022
Our small band of volunteers have achieved so much in such a short space of time. 
We have dug out the garden area at The Community Hall on Main Street, and have started to sow and grow at the allotment. The Church Grounds of St. Giles has also benefited from a Twig and Stick Collection where we were joined by Joe, Harriet and Matthew Gibson. 
However our plans are vast and we need more volunteers to help us do this. If you can spend an hour or two weekly or fortnightly to be outdoors carrying out one of our many tasks we want to hear from you. Not all the tasks are digging and bending.
It goes without saying that we have been overwhelmed by the generosity and advice that many of you in the Community have proffered. A huge thankyou to you all.

Update: 9th March 2022
Well we have started to dig out the Community Garden and plant asparagus and potatoes in the allotment. A very big thank you to the very generous people who have given their time to dig and those who have donated so much to date. You are wonderful.

However we still need people to join our happy band of amateurs in whatever way you feel you would like to. If you feel you do not want to be part of the group but would still like to help then one way is to visit our Churchyard and clear away some of the sticks and branches that have fallen from the trees. In 30 minutes a lot of wood can be collected and the peacefulness of the Churchyard will really improve your well being. It’s surprising who you may meet there too.

We urgently need topsoil of some kind, not a lot, probably about 8 wheel barrow loads. Can anyone help us with this? We need herbs to plant and lavender. Garden canes, tomato compost, in fact anything would be so greatly appreciated.

Once again I would love to hear from you if there is any way you can contribute to our community digging. Thank you.

Lynn Green
01636 700445