Thank you so much to everyone who is still finding a way to support our local Foodbank. 

Donations can currently be made at the supermarket as you do your weekly shop, or for Balderton residents you can currently drop off any parcels to the vicarage, 107 Main Street, Balderton.  Please leave any items under the porch and these will be collected regularly.

Alternatively you can also leave them at
6 Collinson Lane, Fernwood.

For full shopping list click here

To make a one-off gift
To make a one-off donation please do a bank transfer to the following account, adding a reference to indicate the source and also send an email to  This will help them to recognise the source of the donation.   Thank you in advance for supporting them in this way.

CAF Bank Ltd
Sort code: 40-52-40           Account: 00027004