Activity ideas

Create a Rock Reminder
Choose a stone from your garden as a physical reminder that God is our rock, our ever-present help in times of trouble. Paint your rock and keep it as a reminder that God is with you, present when things go wrong. Keep it in your pocket to touch when you need to be reminded that God is with you.

Create a Prayer Tree
Get creative at home, use some ribbon or colourful string to tie tags with your prayers to your tree – and don’t forget to take some photographs to share with us.

Create a Scavenger Hunt @ Home
Use images or objects to represent items that are mentioned in the Bible and hide them in various places in your home and garden. Give other members of your family a list of the items to find, and send them out on the hunt. The first person to return with all of the items found is the winner.

Take photographs of you and your family today
Take some photographs of you and your family going about your everyday activities at home today. Make a diary note to remind you to take some more in a few months. They make a great keep-sake for your journal.

Keep a Journal
Get creative with arts and crafts, be expressive. A journal is a place where you can draw, glue and paste, write freely, or just make lists. Use your journal as a place to write (or draw) memories of this extraordinary time, storys, wish lists and ideas.