‘Hope’ is a Wonderful thing.  I’m sure we have often said, “Let’s hope and pray ……..”, or “I hope all goes well”.  I have said this on many occasions. 
Some personal examples of my ‘Hopes’

I recently had a dangerous illness and I prayed and hoped I would get well, and I did.  One of my girls has an ongoing illness and I hoped and prayed she would get the medical care she needed, and she did.  A recent operation was cancelled and I hoped and prayed it would be re-scheduled soon, and it has been. Someone dearly loved, has been hoping their application to adopt would be successful, and it has been, a new family is born. 

To have ‘Hope’ is to think positive. 

All of what I’ve said sounds like a saga of family tragedies, apart from the adoption that is, I hear you say, and to me it is/was, but in ‘Hope’ there is always ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’, however dark it may seem to you at the time.

‘Hope’ is all around us, if you can, look outside your window into the garden.  Living hope is there, the spring bulbs are poking their heads above ground  in the ‘Hope’ that in a few weeks they will flower and blossom, and they will. Your ‘Hope’ will blossom like the spring flowers.

‘Hope’ is a wonderful thing, just put your trust in God and all will be well.

Sheila Bache